Medway Middle School, Medway, MA

  • Total Area: 220,420 square feet
  • Total Cost: $21,000,000 estimated
  • Project Type: Building Repair

The existing Medway Middle School was effectively renovated for less than half the cost of building a new school, extending the life of the middle school at least 30-40 years and still securing 50% reimbursement from the State. KBA brought the school up-to-date in many ways including modernizing electrical service and distribution throughout the school, installing new fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems, increasing the surveillance and security system and enhancing technology throughout the school for a 21st century curriculum. KBA also improved the air quality throughout the school, completing work that the ESCO contract didnít cover. Due to the size of the school, the project was an easy phasing process, which had less impact on the overall learning environment of the students.

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